Ready for the REST of your life
to be the BEST of your life?

Reinvention is possible right now

Change is hard, REINVENTION feels even harder.

We get it. But the first step is to know it’s possible for you, right now. 

The biggest obstacle with any change or reinvention is “Where do I begin?“. 
This is it. 
This is where you begin. 

We know change and we definitely know REINVENTION

The only thing standing between You and Your Reinvention 
is an Opportunity and a Single Decision. 

Imagine waking up with confidence, clarity, and feeling connected to all the things in your life in a way that makes you feel amazing. 

If you are ready to transform your life and REINVENT who you are and what you experience every day then keep reading.

Why us?

Maureen and Jade have known each other for well over a decade. They worked together as fellow teachers in the classroom. Maureen left teaching and began her coaching business and soon they began working together again – this time as coach and client.  

When Jade lost her infant son, Blaise, she called upon Maureen professionally. Through coaching, Jade was able to move forward and reclaim her life. Now they have teamed up to bring the same tools that helped Jade find joy and purpose in their Reinvention Program.  Jade reinvented her entire life – professionally, emotionally, and physically.  And you can too!  

Both Maureen and Jade have a passion for learning, growth, and improving the lives of people around them. This program is a natural fit for anyone who desires change and wants to create a life that lights them up everyday!

Meet Maureen

Maureen is a certified life coach, author and mom.  Maureen knows change.  

She has navigated countless changes in her life, from marriage to divorce to single parenting, to reclaiming her health after a major health scare, to starting her new business. She has reinvented her life over and over again and you can too!

Maureen believes that the only constant in life is change. Change may catch you off guard but there’s a way to deal with change that doesn’t wipe you out. 

Instead, use change as an opportunity to REINVENT yourself.  

Meet Jade

Jade is a wife and mother to a very active little boy, George. Jade loves her life but it hasn’t always been this way. 

Three years ago, Jade’s life turned upside down with the death of her infant son, Blaise. The light had gone from her life and she wanted desperately to pull herself out of the darkness, but didn’t know how. 

She began working with Maureen and was able find joy and purpose again. They continued to work together on other areas of her life and Jade was able to reclaim her life, her health, her peace of mind and her happiness.  

Maya Angelou said, “when you learn, teach.” Now Jade wants to share the same tools and techniques that worked for her with you in the REINVENTION PROGRAM.


TheReinvention Program

Join Jade and Maureen in weekly live sessions for 8 weeks.  

Each session will be 1 hour with a small group of women.  

During our zoom calls we will teach, coach, answer questions and inspire you
with real life stories and experiences of our own reinventions.

Are you ready to trade overwhelm and frustration for inspiration and joy?

Let's Reinvent


In just 8 weeks you will…

IsReinvention right for me?

is possible with


Reinvention is Your Opportunity 

to Reclaim your Joy and Create New Beginnings.  

Would you like to feel more joy, more passion and more ease? 

This is Your Time. 

The Details

The Reinvention Program will be held on 8 consecutive Wednesdays at noon CST beginning January 10th and ending February 28th.  

Calls will be 1 hour. 

During each call you can expect teaching, coaching, and time for questions and answers.

The investment is just $797

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend some calls?

We got you. 
All calls will be recorded and sent to all
participants on the day of the class.

What if I have questions about the topic or the teaching?

We want to answer them. You’ll have an opportunity 
to ask in class or you can email us between classes.

Still have questions? 
We’ve got answers.