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Do you think that it’s too late to find peace while co-parenting? It’s not!

I was able to turn CHAOS into CALM with my EX and you can too

In When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules, you’ll discover client success stories combined with powerful coaching techniques that will change your post-divorce combat zone into a place of peace.

Grab a copy today and start to feel in control instead of out of control!

Book Reviews

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Down-to-earth, practical advice from a coach who knows her stuff.  Following Maureen’s steps toward self-awareness turns your divorce into a window for clarity and growth while you set limits and stay true to yourself.  I recommend it to all my clients as a supportive guidebook for divorce and for negotiating contentious boundaries.

Trish Ring

Ph.D., Executive Coach
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This book is like a breath of fresh air not only for my clients but also for therapists alike. It beautifully addresses the impossible dilemma of powerlessness that single parents too often experience as the courts get bogged down and the exes uses lies, court documents and children to their own advantage. This is a gift to the therapeutic world!

Susan Austin-Crumpton

Founder and Executive Director of The Estuary, Inc.
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This is one powerful book filled with practical advice, and a fresh perspective on co-parenting in difficult situations. Maureen’s conversational, extremely honest, and compassionate writing style offers an honest, thought provoking and highly relatable handbook to guide a single mom through rough waters into a calm horizon.

Connie Cruthirds

Author & Master Life Coach
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With her personal experience in the co-parenting and divorce recovery field along with her knowledge as a coach, Maureen effortlessly takes a recovering divorcee from struggling to confident and self-assured. She delivers this with understanding of not only what you are going through but explains how you can do this with compassion and positivity.

Susan C. Foster

Author & Master Life Coach
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This is not only for those who have experienced the trauma and drama of divorce, but also for those who are simply trying to deal with difficult people or situations, this book is full of sage advice and actionable steps that make for a more fulfilling life and healthier relationships. Maureen provides a road map to wholeness for others to “become the archeologist of your own mind” and life.

Meaghan E. Mundy

Ph.D. – Coach, Teacher, Whole-Hearted Seeker
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This book offers personal anecdotes and powerful coaching tools. Maureen shows readers that …”Sometimes making one small shift in your mindset can create a ripple effect in your entire life.” It is a beacon of hope for those who find themselves facing the difficult choices in life. Maureen is a bold author who uses her personal experiences to inspire and help others.

E. Anderson

MEd, Educator
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Maureen’s book is full of strategies to help navigate life with a difficult ex, but they are equally effective for dealing with difficult co-workers, in-laws, any people that are hijacking your peace of mind. Her stories, advice and exercises help you to reimagine and rewrite your story, and steer the ship, that is your life, to the island of possibilities.

T. Ormond