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Are you feeling defeated, overwhelmed

and unmotivated?


Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolutions? 

If the answer is YES, you’re not alone. Research tells us by mid- January our goals for the New Year are tossed aside.

If that is YOU, consider January to just have been a warm up for your 2024 Goals.

FEBRUARY is when you start to make them happen!  

Your Best Year

 On January 1 you had GOALS and made a PLAN. 

And YOU hoped that it would all work out perfectly.  

But then it didn’t. 

Things started to go sideways and you started to give up.   

Having goals and a plan is not enough.

What you need are TOOLS and STRATEGIES to help

when obstacles and challenges begin to show up.   

Because we all know they will and that is the time when we quit.

And we wait until next year. 

Maybe next year will be different.

Stop waiting.



Hi, I'm Maureen

I’m a certified life coach, author and believer in all possibilities.

For over a decade, I have helped my clients create goals and craft plans to make them happen. I love the energy and excitement that a New Year brings but I also know how easy it is to quit on your dreams. I have the same voice in my head as you that says –

  • Why bother?
  • Who cares?
  • It’s too hard!
  • Maybe next year…

But I don’t listen to that voice. And you can develop that skill as well.  

With coaching tools and strategies, you’ll learn to quiet that voice and turn up the volume on your dreams and desires!


Your BEST YEAR is here!

Your Best Year Program

In just 8 weeks you will…

Let's go!


Join me in weekly live sessions for 8 weeks.  

Each session will be 1 hour.   

During the Zoom calls I will teach, coach, inspire and answer questions.

Tap into the energy of a small group that all have big dreams and goals and 

are committed to making them happen.  

Are you ready to trade overwhelm and confusion for clarity and action?

right for me?

I'm your new coach, Maureen - featured

is possible with

You have a CHOICE in 2024 –

Keep doing what you’ve always done or try something different.




The Details

Your BEST YEAR will be held on 8 consecutive Wednesdays at noon CST beginning February 7th and ending March 27th.  

Calls will be 1 hour. 

During each call you can expect teaching, coaching, and time for questions and answers.

The investment is $797

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend some calls?

I got you. 
All calls will be recorded and sent to all
participants on the day of the class.

What if I have questions about the topic or the teaching?

I want to answer them. You’ll have an opportunity 
to ask in class or you can email me between classes.

Still have questions? 
I’ve got answers.