The FEELINGS Beneath The Feelings

We all have Surface Feelings and then we have the FEELINGS Beneath the Feelings.⁠

Some Surface Feelings are – ⁠

➡️ Anxiety⁠

➡️ Worry⁠

➡️ Overwhelm⁠

These feelings are familiar and acceptable.⁠

They don’t scare us.⁠

Some FEELINGS Beneath the Feelings are – ⁠

➡️ Shame⁠

➡️ Fear⁠

➡️ Vulnerability⁠

These feelings can be frightening.⁠

Most of us prefer to keep them hidden.⁠

Recently I noticed myself trying to avoid them.⁠

I kept myself busy and this was fueled by low level anxiety. ⁠

I wondered why I was carrying this anxiety. I got curious. 🤔⁠

I dropped into the FEELING Beneath the Feeling.⁠

It was SHAME.⁠

Shame that I was not further along financially. ⁠

This shame began when I started to listen to others my age describing their 401K’s, their pensions, and their real estate holdings and I began to compare myself to them. ⁠

I told myself that I didn’t measure up. ⁠

When I dropped into what was beneath the anxiety and found shame then I was able to question it.⁠

❓Am I really behind my peers? What does that even mean?⁠

❓What are the facts?⁠

❓What do I have? What do I need?⁠

❓Why am I choosing to believe any of this?⁠

After I took the time to sit with my shame and examine the thoughts that were fueling it, I realized that it wasn’t even true. ⁠

That is the power of uncovering the FEELINGS Beneath the Feelings.⁠

Bring them out of the darkness and into the light. ☀️⁠

In the light, they are less scary that you think.⁠

They lose their power.⁠

For me, I was able to relax into the belief that I am right where I need to be and that I have everything that I need.⁠

And that low level of anxiety – it disappeared. ⁠😊⁠

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