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Become the alchemist of your life

Alchemy - any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new

Just like the ancient alchemists, that sought to transform lead into gold, now is the time for you to become your own alchemist and transform your life.  

If not now, then when?

Maureen Doyle - Alchemist's Journey - Author, Speaker, Coach

Are You - 

   Facing a divorce?

   Drowning In The divorce process?

   Struggling to create a life post-divorce?

   Trying To Create A Business That Lights          You Up?

   Feeling Overwhelmed And Paralyzed?

Maureen Doyle - Alchemist's Journey - Author, Speaker, Coach

Life Is Filled With too many Distractions That Keep You So Busy That You Forget About -

    Your Self

    Your Health

    Your Dreams

    Your Life

Maureen Doyle - Alchemist's Journey - Author, Speaker, Coach

To Be All That You Can For Your Family - 

    you have to be all that you can for              yourself!

Maureen Doyle - Alchemist's Journey - Author, Speaker, Coach

Stop Being Pulled Into The Drama Of Others -

   Switch The Focus Onto You —

   The Time Is Now


If You Want Your Life To Change - 


    you have to change

Maureen Doyle - Alchemist's Journey - Author, Speaker, Coach

Together Let’s ...


   Create a vision of a bright new future

   Remove Your internal blocks

   Move forward confidently

   take massive action!


I am Maureen Doyle

I help women make big changes in their lives. I use my intuition, coaching techniques, and teaching experience to help my clients design a life and a career that lights them up!

Whether you are facing or going through a divorce, wanting to re-enter the work world but are overwhelmed by where to begin, or facing an empty nest, I can help. I know from my own experience how tough a divorce is and how equally difficult single parenting can be. And I also know the confusion and insecurity around creating a work life that not only makes great money but also feeds your soul with energy and joy. I am passionate about helping my clients not only get through their divorce but to also help them create a fabulous life post-divorce. As you move through this transitional period, I will help you develop clarity, confidence, and credibility.

Clarity –

Know who you are and what you want

Confidence –

Make decisions, create a plan, set boundaries, keep moving forward with a new attitude and a new vision of yourself

Credibility –

Learn how to move away from the Emotion of Divorce and into the Business of Divorce and in doing so become more efficient in your communication with all of the divorce professionals that your will encounter. Be better prepared for your meetings with your attorney, mediator, and school officials.

You will be focused, organized and prepared to make the many important decisions that will impact yourself and your children both now and for the many years to come. And most importantly you will develop skills and strategies to help you tap into your deepest dreams and passions that will pave a path for your new life. Let’s close the door on your past and move forward to create a fabulous future.


This is a magical time in your life
You get to look at all parts of your life
and choose what stays and what goes
Together we can design a life that you love!

If not now, then when?


I Believe

You must do the thing that you think that you cannot do.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe that you are the expert of you. Everything you need is inside you waiting to be revealed. As a life coach, I am here to ask you powerful questions that will help you uncover your own answers.

I believe that each individual was born with a purpose. You may have veered off track and you may even be living a life that lacks passion and purpose. I will guide you as you unearth your buried talents and dreams. Together we will craft an action plan to achieve your goals and create a business that energetically lights you up.

I also believe that the only thing that is constant is change. Change can be scary but it can also be exciting when it provides an opportunity to discover the hidden parts of you that are waiting to emerge.


Life’s transitions can make us feel paralyzed and unsteady. I know. I have been there. Life coaching can help you. It can change your life. It has changed mine! My clients rediscover who they are, what they want, and find the power that they have within themselves to design the lives that they truly desire.