When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules

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Do you find co-parenting with your ex to be a constant struggle? Does it seem like he fights you every step of the way – sometimes just for sport? Are you worried that you cannot go on like this for the next 10-15 years and that your bank account will be empty from the legal costs? And are you concerned about your children’s mental and emotional health? In When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules, you will discover client success stories combined with powerful coaching techniques that will change your post divorce combat zone into a place of peace.

  • Get clear on what you want and what you will no longer tolerate
  • Learn to trust the wisdom of your body and use it as a valuable ally in decision making
  • Learn to quiet the mind and silence the critics in your life
  • Use anger as a call to action and not as an energy drain
  • Identify what you can control and stop trying to control the rest
  • Improve your communicate with your ex
  • Begin to see yourself as the hero of your own story instead of the victim
When Your Ex Doesn’t Follow the Rules by Maureen Doyle

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