When I ask my clients to create a Big Goal, many play it safe. 

They come up with a reasonable goal – one that they should be able to achieve.

“Why not go higher? Dream bigger?”

“Because I might not get there.” “I will feel disappointed.”

Yes, you might not but then again you might.

And more importantly, as you strive for that Big Goal, the most important part is WHO you become along the way.

Stretching yourself to the point of being uncomfortable helps us grow more quickly.

And along the way, we learn so much. 

Playing it safe keeps us playing small.

Set goals that make you feel uncomfortable.

This year my goal has been to double my business and it makes me feel really queasy.

That is Perfect! 

Can’t wait to see what I learn along the way!

What about you? 

Challenge yourself to the point of being Uncomfortable.

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